Provoking Thoughts

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This is a series of twenty 24-page booklets. Each one is chock full of thought-provoking exercises that range greatly in level of difficulty and subject matter. They are just the ticket for teachers or parents wishing to enrich the education of their students or children.
Wild and Beautiful: A Guide to the Native Wildflowers of Southeastern Minnesota
Wildflower photographer Joanne Gellerman and wildflower poet Betty Benner combined talents in this very colorful little booklet.
Reflections from NatureAbout us
The Cross Country Journal is completing its 19th year of continuous, nationwide publication from its headquarters in Austin, Minn., USA. It is owned by IDEA, Inc., which produces and markets many items of use to cross country coaches, runners and parents. IDEA, Inc., shares an office with the Cross Country Journal.

In addition to its major involvement with the sport of cross country, IDEA, Inc., has published or is marketing a number of other products.


Knowles Dougherty
Founder of IDEA, Inc.
Chairman of Board of Directors and President & CEO
Publisher of the Cross Country Journal
Lucy Gotz
Accountant for IDEA, Inc.

Katie Grev
Editorial Assistant for the Cross Country Journal

Mike Koch
Editor of the Cross Country Journal

Michelle Rofshus
Managing Editor of the Cross Country Journal

About IDEA, Inc.

IDEA, Inc. is the acronym for the Institute for the Development of Educational Alternatives, an educational, non-profit corporation located at 402 5th Pl. N.W. in Austin, Minn. IDEA, Inc., is currently involved in three major projects: the Cross Country Journal, Provoking Thoughts, and other book publishing ventures.
The Cross Country Journal is about to begin its 20th year of continuous, nationwide publication and is the producer and marketer of many related products.

Provoking Thoughts is now in its 14th year of producing and marketing thought-provoking exercises in various forms. The other book ventures have mainly been in the field of nature study. However, IDEA, Inc., is proud to say it published its first novel in the fall of 2001.

A Brief History and Overview

In 1983, Knowles Dougherty (our founder and president) started a small, desktop publishing business at his Sunrise Valley Farm in east central Missouri. Sunrise Valley Press began by launching the Cross Country Journal, a bi-monthly written for, and by, cross country running coaches.
During the ensuing five years, Sunrise Valley Press grew by expanding the line of products designed for Cross Country coaches.

In 1988, Dougherty moved to Austin, Minnesota, where he went into the publishing business full-time. There he launched a second periodical, Provoking Thoughts, targeted to parents and teachers interested in providing thought-provoking experiences for their children or students.

The enterprise in Austin was named the Institute for the Development of Educational Alternatives, Incorporated (IDEA, Inc.). It was incorporated in the State of Minnesota as a non-profit, educational institution. IDEA, Inc., was soon recognized by the U. S. Postal Service as a non-profit mailer.

In 1989, IDEA, Inc., had outgrown the basement of the Dougherty home. It moved to a storefront on Main Street in Austin and simultaneosuly established People's Publishing. This enabled it to cater to anyone needing its services, by proving the affordable use of state-of-the-art computers, printers and copiers, thus enabling the production of anything from a short resume to a large volume.

In 1992, IDEA, Inc., discontinued publication of Provoking Thoughts. However it has continued marketing the 20 published issues as booklets of thought-provoking exercises.

In 1993, IDEA, Inc., was recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 (tax-exempt) institution. In addition, the company purchased Sunrise Valley Press and the copyrights to all its products. Until then, SVP was owned by the Doughertys, but operated by IDEA, Inc.

In the summer of 2000, IDEA, Inc., sold People's Publishing and moved to its current location at 402 5th Pl. N.W. in Austin.
Joanne Gellerman's booklet of her own poems and photographs make a very attractive addition to anyone's coffee table.
Satre's Trees
In this photo essay, Joanne Gellerman juxtaposes images from Jean-Paul Sartre's writing with her outstanding photos of trees.
Millpond Journal
Betty Benner has collected the creative writings of numerous individuals in south central Minnesota. As of summer 2001, she had produced two volumes of this unique publication.
Messages from a Distant Star
This novel is based on Helen Sanford Wilhelm's experiences growing up liberal (along with her brother Terry) in a small city in southern North Carolina and returning after decades of living in Switzerland to discover a very different South.
Common Sense Cage-bird Selection
This little booklet full of sensible advice by David Britton is now being published in its second edition, complete with numerous, colorful photos of the pet birds he knows so well.

...yet will I Trust in Him
This 152-page book gives Jan Johnson's account of contracting an undiagnosed virus that nearly kills her and of how she has coped with it, using various types of alternative medicine and a lot of faith and prayer.
Dim and Flaring Lamps
History teacher Bob Richardson tells America's story through its state flags in this very colorful, 80-page book that is guaranteed to enlighten and delight the reader.
Old-Time String-Band Music Audio tapes
This series of four audio tapes features music gathered from the hills of North Carolina and performed by Fred Cockerham, the Durham Rangers and Mike Fishback on his fretless, clawhammer banjo.
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